Shred as you wait

Our trained and friendly staff will cross-shred your confidential paperwork and hard drives right in front of your eyes in just seconds!

How it works

Simply bring your confidential paperwork into our Chichester Shred As You Wait Branch.

We weigh your paperwork on our digital scales as charge by weight.

Watch while our highly trained staff Shredinate your old paperwork right in front of your eyes in just seconds!

We issue all customers a Certificate of Destruction for your GDPR records and peace of mind. Job done!

Identity Destruction Feltham branch reception area.

You can transport your paperwork to us in carrier bags, bin liners or cardboard boxes etc.

If you have personal or business PCs or laptops that are redundant and you're concerned with the digital data held on the hard drive, bring your computer to our Chichester Branch and we will remove and shred the internal hard drives, mechanically annihilating all held digital data!

Identity Destruction's Chichester shred as you wait branch we also provide a shredding service for your magnetic media which includes floppy disks, photographs, X-rays, CD’s & DVD’s, film negatives, VHS tapes, sim cards, cassettes, back up tapes, mobile phones and tablets.

Identity Destruction Chichester branch reception area.

Watch your confidential paperwork 'Shredinated' live on the big screen for the ultimate cinematic experience!


Paper up to first
(£24.00 inc. VAT)
Paper per kilo after first
(£0.96 inc. VAT)
Media up to first
(£12.00 inc. VAT)
Media per kilo after first
(£1.20 inc. VAT)
hard drives
(£18.00 inc. VAT)

No appointment required, just stop by one of our branches.

A five star data destruction service you can trust! Check out our reviews from satisfied clients.


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