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Rowdens Console and Storage
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Rowdens Chartered Accountants approached us back in 2017 to collect and shred 5 sacks of their confidential waste paperwork. They were also in need of a secure storage solution for their 50 archive boxes of aged business paperwork.


When the new law was passed for the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) in May 2018, Rowdens wanted a more secure storage system for their day-to-day office waste paperwork as open confidential sacks in their offices were not secure and susceptible to data breach.


Identity Destruction Ltd provided a lockable and secure console cabinet for Rowden's offices to securely store their day-to-day confidential waste paperwork. We also took on additional secure storage to specifically store Rowdens archive boxes.

Here's some of the Rowden accountancy team… Jonathan, Cassie and Penny with their lockable console cabinet

Rowdens motto, is 'Don't bin it - shred it'! All their waste paperwork is securely stored in their lockable console cabinet in preparation for us to collect and shred!

We collected Rowdens 50+ archive boxes and transported to our fully CCTV managed and alarmed archive storage facility

The archive boxes are stored until they hit their 7-year threshold and then cross shredded and a Certificate of Destruction supplied for GDPR records


Rowdens are now in their 6th year of receiving our 4-weekly console shredding collections and enjoy the peace of mind that their day-to-day paperwork is securely stored in their offices and collected, shredded and recycled every month. They also enjoy the peace of mind their boxes of archived business paperwork are stored safely and securely in our alarmed and CCTV managed storage facility.


Even though we pride ourselves on being digital accountants with our internal processes and paperwork held in the cloud and virtually all our clients using cloud systems, it is surprising how much paper still arrives in the office on a daily basis, all of which needs dealing with in compliance with GDPR.

Having John, Clare and their brilliant team at Identity Destruction take care of all that for us is a huge relief and frees us to do what we do best, looking after our clients' best interests as their accountants and tax advisors. The console service is fantastic. The locked console sits neatly in the office as part of the office furniture, all confidential waste is put in there after scanning and regularly collected by Identity Destruction every 4 weeks. The system works perfectly and takes care of a potential massive headache for us.

Prior to using Identity Destruction, we were using a national firm for our storage and shredding. This was not only bad value, but they were a nightmare to deal with. Best move we made! PS Despite taking the day job very seriously, they post the coolest, silliest videos on LinkedIn. Check them out!

Mrs Penny Rowden FCA – Director Rowdens Limited


What our clients have to say about our shredding and recycling service

What our clients have to say about our archive box clearance service

We have used the services of ID for a number of years now, and been absolutely delighted with the service that they provide. They are efficient, reliable and we have complete confidence that our confidential waste is being safely disposed of. Well done guys. 5 stars all the way.

GWA Cars & Finance

Lockable Console Service

I've been a customer for a few years now and the reasons why... trustworthy, I like to watch my documents being shredded...friendly team and happy dogs to greet you!... reasonable costs and a great service... What more could you ask for!

Terence Clarke

Shred-As-You-Wait Service

Thank you again to Johny and the team for an outstanding service. We had a number of old PC's, hard drives and miscellaneous data discs and back up tapes (yes, tapes!) that needed destroying securely, with certification. A super-quick, friendly service - these guys know what they're doing. Cannot recommend them highly enough!

Hayley George

Hard Drive Shredding

Thank you to Identity Destruction for shredding 2 laptops, an Ipad and 6 mobile phones for me. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. A great way of making sure any confidential files were destroyed safely. I was invited to watch it happen in front of me which was interesting. It was more involved than I thought as all batteries had to be removed first to prevent a fire risk, safety first. I received a certificate via email promptly after the shredding. I have recommended your services to others.


Shred-As-You-Wait Service

I have used Identity Destruction for the last few years and through three moves of premises in Chichester! They are efficient, and I am satisfied that the highly confidential medical records I give them are securely destroyed.

Michael George

Office Paperwork

Second time I've used ID. Previously I went to their old Shopwhyke site. They are now located in Priors Leaze Lane. As before, I just turned up and made use of the Shred as you Wait service. The staff are very friendly and my files were destroyed while I looked on. A receipt and destruction certificate were emailed to me later in the day. The whole process is extremely quick and efficient. I can thoroughly recommend this company.

Clive Mason

Shred-As-You-Wait Service

This is the perfect way to safely destroy any paperwork that you need to dispose of . I have just taken over a few sacks of my mother&pos;s estate . Too much to shred at home . It&pos;s also a great price and saves a lot of time

Mary Bolch

Family Shredding

As a business we have been using Identity Destruction for 3 years and the service is excellent. We have a monthly collection of confidential paperwork. The day prior to each collection we are e-mailed a pick up time slot, the following day we receive a certificate of destruction. The team at Identity Destruction could not be more friendly and helpful.

David McCalllum

Office Shredding

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