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Sensitive material stored on old PCs and Laptops is like gold dust to identity thieves. Email details, home and business addresses, utility bills, bank statements, telephone numbers, various account passwords etc. are what identity criminals thrive on.

Simply deleting hard drive information does not remove the possibility of it being retrieved by computer hackers. An incredible 90% of the data can be retrieved after a hard drive has been wiped or reformatted!

Hard Drive destroyer

We will also fully recycle your redundant PC or laptop carcass at no extra charge

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Identity Destruction has been advising us on how to safely dispose of our Hard Drives for quite a while now, providing us with a service whereby we 100% trust in the work they do due to the strict rules and regulations that they've got in place. On a personal level, the service they've been providing us with has been outstanding, informing us every step of the way and that is why we are in partnership with them! Brilliant job.

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Collecting hard drives

We are able to collect your hard drives direct from your home or office at the same time as collecting your Sacks for secure shredding.
If you do not know how to remove the hard drive from your PC or laptop, we can collect the entire machine and remove the hard drives ourselves prior to destruction. We then recycle the redundant PC or laptop carcass after the destruction process at no extra charge.

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  Please note if you wish to use our hard drive Destruction service independently from our Confidential Paper Collection Service, you are able to do so but there is a minimum collection charge of £25.00 + VAT.

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