Identity Protection

Why is it important to shred paper and destroy hard drives

Here in the UK an alarming 100,000 householders become victims of Identity Fraud every year and millions of pounds is lost by UK Businesses by stolen information held on old paperwork and on redundant hard drives that fall into the wrong hands.

High Security Cross-Shredding
At Identity Destruction we provide a high security cross- shredding collection service which includes the provision of confidential waste sacks for a one off or adhoc collection from your home or workplace.
Console Shredding Service
Our Console shredding service caters for your office for regular collections and keeps your confidential waste paperwork securely locked down prior to collection in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR).
Hard Drive Destruction
Our hard drive destruction service protects your digital information held on your personal and business PC's and laptops.

Fast & efficient shredding service

Domestic and Office shredders are notoriously prone to regularly over heat and break down.
Hours of valuable time within your home and for office staff within your workplace is wasted removing staples and paper clips, waiting for the shredder to cool down and having to shred only a few pages at a time as well as the time consuming and messy task of emptying the shredded paper.
Our secure cross shredding service takes away the frustration of having to shred it yourself.

As a householder it is essential to securely cross shred any information printed on old paperwork detailing you or your family member's names, home addresses, email addresses, bank account details, social media access and any details that an opportune identity thief could be searching for to mimic you in order to steal your identity.
As a business you have a legal requirement with effect from May 2018 under the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR) to ensure all your company information pertaining to your staff, your customers and your suppliers recorded on waste paperwork is cross shredded in a secure, controlled environment.
If you have redundant PC's or Laptops in your home or in your work place with files that identify a living individual, it is essential to destroy the internal hard drive to eliminate the risk of Identity Theft and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR).

5 star data destruction service you can trust!

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Since deciding to move to a console service, our offices are much tidier and we feel more confident about the security of sensitive information. The Identity Destruction team are very easy to deal with and their service offers great value for money. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

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