COVID-19 Update


With effect from 5pm on Friday 27th March Identity Destruction Ltd head office and 'Shred-As-You-Wait' facility based in Chichester will be temporarily closing due the Goverment social isolating mandate. Our administrative staff shall be working remotely and responding to enquiries via email and you are able to email us at We shall endeavour to respond as swiftly as possible to your confidential paper and hard drive shredding needs.


Collections from our Client's homes and business premises will be temporarily put on hold for the duration of the Government 3 week lock-down period and the last collection day shall be Friday 27th March. We apologise in advance to our customers for any inconvenience caused for pre-booked collections not going ahead. We made the Management decision to remove the risk of spreading COVID-19 to our staff and customers by ceasing collections during the 3 week lock-down. Identity Destruction management shall be assessing the situation throughout the lock-down period and shall be updating this page periodically.

Order Shred Sacks Online

Identity Destruction is pleased to confirm that we shall continue to despatch our 5, 10 and 15 pack of confidential waste sacks to our existing and new clients to your homes. Sacks can be purchased by using the buttons below and shall be despatched in the usual manner via Royal Mail post. There is no time scale imposed on booking a collection to have the sacks picked up and shredded. So please feel free to order sacks online for your home/home office if wish to declutter your confidential paperwork during the lockdown and please fill the sacks in your own time and at your own pace. Identity Destruction shall collect your full sacks for security shredding in due course when the lock-down has been lifted and normal operations resume.

Moving Forward

May we take this opportunity to thank all our domestic and commercial customers for your continued support and it's an honor to protect you through our secure paper and hard drive shredding service. We shall re-open our Shred-As-You-Wait facility and resume home and business collections just as soon as we possibly can. In the meantime we encourage you to stringently isolate yourself at home and to be ultra vigilant in frequent hand washing, wearing of face masks and gloves when leaving the house when food shopping or visiting the pharmacy. Keep safe and stay strong and we will get through this together!

Clare Cauchi, Director.

5 Sack Package

£ 30
+ £2.95 sack delivery
Buy 5 Sacks

10 Sack Package

£ 40
+ £3.45 sack delivery
Buy 10 Sacks

15 Sack Package

£ 50
+ £3.95 sack delivery
Buy 15 Sacks

The pack prices are fully inclusive of posting the sacks to your home, collection of sacks when you have filled them, secure cross-shredding of your confidential paperwork and provision of a Certificate of Destruction. Please note prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

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